Paraffin wax 1% oil content

Paraffin wax 1% oil content


Paraffin wax 1% oil content

Paraffin wax 1% color is snow white and it has heavy and light grade melting point of heavy grade is between 62-64 °C and melting point of light grade would be between 58-60 °C according to their specifications the warm countries are using heavy grade and the cold countries are using light grade.

Paraffin wax 1% oil content uses

main uses of this grade is for making high quality candle because of low oil content and snow white color for other uses we can mention paint industries, cosmetic industries, medical uses, wood waterproofing, PVC industries and polishing.

Paraffin wax 1% oil content packing

packing would be 25 kg carton boxes for best handling with workers in factories and and each carton box would be include 5 slabs of paraffin wax and weight of each slab would be 5 kg.

Paraffin wax 1% oil content specification

Melting Point58-60 ˚C
Oil ContentMaximum 1%
Congealing Point58-60 ˚C
Viscosity @ 100 ˚C16-18
Flash PointMinimum 250 ˚C


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