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Iran Office: Unite 602, 6th Floor, Samarghand Tower, S. Jannat Abad, Hemmat Exp, Tehran, Iran.

Phone: +98 2144617988 Fax: +98 2144495121 Mobile: +98 9128246096

Turkey Office: Unite 9, 2Th Floor, Second Sinpas Tower, Altınoran, Galip Erdem St, Turan Güneş Blv, İlkbahar Mahallesi, Çankaya/Ankara, Turkiye

Phone: +90 3125148323 Fax: +90 3125148813 Mobile: +90 5366417318

Factory: Morche khort , Kilometre 4 of Esfahan to Tehran Road way , Esfahan, Iran.


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