Bitumen because of its adhesive and cohesive assets are most used in construction industries. In environment temperature, It has solid mode but by warming, it becomes to the sticky liquid slowly.

So Bitumen is acting like sticky glue in construction pieces. Bitumen in environment temperature and normal pressure of the atmosphere is not volatile. Its color normally would be dark black or dark brown and it has waterproofing and adhesive properties but we must mention that it has two different properties too our mean is cohesiveness and durability.

Most of the refined pure bitumen is used in construction projects like Asphalt paving and roofing felts.

And due to the different constructions industries uses it is produced with different standard specifications. We must mention that for producing any specification of Bitumen must use different refining processes.

As we mentioned before bitumen at room temperature would be in solid mode and in high temperatures would be in liquid mode.

The liquid temperature of Bitumen would be normally between 160 – 180 Centigrade and in Asphalt paving projects in cities normally the bulk bitumen is handled with these temperatures.

And for some of the other projects and exporting bitumen will transport in normal solid mode with a normal temperature of environment for example in steel drums or in jumbo bags those are very good for transportation.

Bitumen according to its penetrations and specifications will use in different weather with different properties for example in cold weather it is used with higher penetration and in hot weather it is used with lower penetration for Asphalt and roofing felt projects because of its different resistance in front of the heat of sun and environment.

The polymerized process will make its strength, cohesiveness, resistance, stripping, and deformations very better and it can use for infrastructures very better than normal mode.

The very important additive that must use in the polymerization process would be styrene butadiene styrene or SBS which will increase its binder specification and its elastomeric will increase and finally all of the projects that made with Polymerized bitumen will have more lifetime than others

it will act like that in big traffics it will hold the aggregates together and preventing the surface of road or high way from breaking we are calling this advantage raveling. It will increase cohesion energy and much more energy is required for breaking because its elasticity increased. As a result, Asphalt made from this mix will have less sensitivity to raveling and its viscosity would be more than normal.

But if the viscosity would be very high will make a problem because its pumping would be very hard and can not do a good coating process and the final mixed Asphalt will not compact well.

The polymer modification process will improve its resistance to aging and when it is used on the roads or highways its resistance and its life will increase in front of oxidation by air, UV light, water, changes in temperatures. On the other hand, all of these problems are with traffic overloads too and if it would not be polymerized it will be become to stiffen and come more brittle. But by doing polymerized process this aging process will decrease and durability will increase.  If we want to say better the polymerization process will decrease its fatigue.

Our means from fatigue would be cracking on Asphalt and repetition of loading cracking cycles in Asphalt and this is the reason for the failure of many pavements.

The polymerized one has very high resistance in front of fatigue and in this position the asphalt will damage very low and will have a long life.

We are a supplier of Bitumen according to the (NIOC) Standard for exporting to countries that are interesting in high-quality penetration Bitumen.

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