Oxidized Bitumen

Oxidized Bitumen of Asia Bitumen Factory as first supplier of Blown Bitumen and after about 15 years experience in producing different grades of Bitumen would be able to produce Blown Bitumen with standard quality of Europe and competitive price for exporting to all industries who need this kind of Bitumen.

Oxidized Bitumen grades

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Oxidized Bitumen Specifications

Blown bitumen analysis would be according to the softening point and penetration these are main items that will determine the grade of Blown bitumen and uses of blown bitumen according its softening point and penetration will change.

Other items like flash point, ductility, solubility will change too according the softening point and penetration of blown bitumen Asia bitumen factory have best facilities in its laboratory for testing the different items and we have analysis report for all of our Oxidized Asphalt grades.

Oxidized bitumen