Diesel Fuel | D2

Diesel Fuel | D2 would be one of the petroleum products that is using as fuel in car and other machinery in factory and very different industries.

Asia bitumen is producer of diesel with high quality and have license for exporting to other countries.

We are producing the Diesel from Crud Oil with separating in Distillation tower Asia bitumen refinery and after some process will producing high quality Diesel.

Every body in the world know that Iran D2 is high quality Diesel Fuel and its price is very competitive in compare with other countries because Iran has Crud Oil rigs and has raw materials for producing Diesel Fuel himself and no need to import crud oil for producing Diesel Fuel. 

We are Normally exporting Diesel fuel in bulk mode with big tanks.

Diesel fuel specification of Asia Bitumen

ItemProperty                                        Specification
1.Density @ 150 ° C0.820-0.825
5.Cloud point (max)22
6.F.B.P. (80%)386
7.Color (max)1.5
8.Flash point (min)55
9.Sulphur Total (max)3-5 ppm
10.Viscosity kinematic @ 40 ° C2/61 mm2/s
11.Pour point (max)-30
12.Carbon residue (max)0.26
13.Ash (max)0.00
14.Water & sediment0.05
Diesel fuel