Bitumen VG 40

Bitumen VG 40

Asia Bitumen Company would be Manufacturer of Viscosity Bitumen grades and Bitumen VG 40 would be one of our Viscosity Bitumen grades with High quality for exporting to other countries. for your inquiries regarding our Viscosity Bitumen contact with us.


Bitumen VG 40 would be one of the most widely used types of bitumen in the petrochemical industry. It is also used as paving bitumen. bitumen VG40 is produced by aeration with a Vacuum Bottom.

One of the reasons for the practicality of bitumen VG40  is the high viscosity of this bitumen. It is possible to produce harder bitumen by mixing this bitumen, so it increases the angular or tensile properties and prevents wrinkles and cracks, and improves the displacement resistance… prevented such damage to the bitumen surface.

Bitumen VG 40 and application:

bitumen VG 40  is used in hot areas with high temperatures as well as in areas under high traffic pressure. Such as parking lots for heavy vehicles, tolls, intersections, …

This type of bitumen is mostly used in road construction, insulation, construction, and also the production of liquid bitumen.

Asiabitumen company with more than 20 years of experience is one of the major suppliers and exporters of bitumen VG 40  in Iran and has the ability to sell its product as soon as possible with the best quality and reasonable price as well as proper packaging according to the type of bitumen Offer.

Bitumen VG 40 Packing:

Packing for this grade of Bitumen would be like other kinds of our Bitumen products too and packing would be 180 kg new steel drums.


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