Bitumen 160/220

Bitumen 160/220

Bitumen 160/220 would be a special type of Bitumen with highest penetration in compare of other Bitumen grades Asia Bitumen is producing this grade of Bitumen from high quality raw materials for export purpose contact with Asia Bitumen sales team for more details.

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Bitumen 160/220 would be one of the standard types of Penetration Bitumen and due to its thermoplastic properties; it is soft at high temperatures and hard at low temperatures.

Bitumen 160/220, when combined with aggregates, creates unparalleled cohesion and stability in the bitumen composition. The softening point of this bitumen would be between 35 to 43.

Bitumen 160/220 Production

Bitumen 160/220 is produced in two stages of crude oil distillation in the distillation tower. In the first stage of distillation, light materials such as gasoline and propane are separated from crude oil. This process takes place at a pressure close to one atmosphere (units). In the second stage, heavy compounds such as diesel and kerosene are extracted. This process takes place at a pressure close to the vacuum. Finally, a mixture of very fine solid particles called asphaltene remains, which is immersed in a grease-like fluid called Malton.

Bitumen 160/220 Application

The important application of bitumen is due to the existence of two important properties of this material: 1- Water impermeability,

2- AdhesionBitumen 160/220 is known as paving bitumen and is used for road construction, road construction, and leveling asphalt surfaces. It is also used for preparing hot asphalt.

Bitumen 160/220 Packing

This bitumen packing method is also used to transport bitumen 160/220 for export and the carrying capacity of any type of freight would be as follows:
1. Number of Drums per floor – 90 Drums with pallets and about 115 Drums without pallets.
2. Number of Drums in each 20-foot container: 80 Drums with pallets and 110 Drums without pallets.
3. Number of Drums in each 40-foot container: 137 Drums with pallets and 150 Drums without pallets.

Asia Bitumen factory would be one of the major suppliers and exporters of bitumen 220/ 160 in the middle east, Which has gained its rank and position in this field and has the ability to sell its Bitumen as soon as possible with the best quality, competitive prices, and with proper packaging according to the type of bitumen.


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