Oxidized Bitumen 150/5

Oxidized Bitumen 150/5


Oxidized Bitumen 150/5

Oxidized Bitumen 150/5 is one grade of Blown Bitumen that have special softening point and very low penetration so it means its really hard bitumen with very low flexibility Asia Bitumen have long term experience in producing different grades of Blown Bitumen with different grades and have now limitation for producing any grade of Bitumen.

Oxidized Bitumen 150/5 uses

This grade of Blown bitumen have uses in all of the waterproofing and coating industries who have projects in very hot weather because its softening point is about 150 °C and when they are using Blown Bitumen 150/5 it will not melt in hot weather easily.

Oxidized bitumen 150/5 using way

for using Blown bitumen 150/5 first it must heat till about 300 °C for melting and using in different industries because it is hard bitumen and breakable.

Oxidized bitumen 150/5 Packing

packing of Blown bitumen 150/5 would be like our other oxidized bitumen grade and we are using Kraft paper, Carton boxes and poly bags with weight of 25 kg and follow of client order we will pallet them too.

Oxidized bitumen 150/5 specification

TitleTest MethodSpecifications
Penetration @ 25 O CASTM D54-6
Flash Point, COC, OcASTM D92260 min
Ductility @ 25 oC, cm.ASTM D1131.5 min
Solubility in trichloroethylene%ASTM D499.5 min
Softening Point DEG CASTM D36145/155
Loss on Heating WT %ASTMD60.2 MAx



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