Oxidized bitumen 85/25

Oxidized bitumen 85/25


Oxidized bitumen 85/25

Oxidized bitumen 85/25 is more softer than other grades of our blown Bitumen the reason is its softening point and and penetration as you can see in its specification its penetration would be 25 and its softening point is 85 centigrade.

We are producing Oxidized bitumen 85/25 by blowing the hot air in to the vacuum bottom and braking the hydrocarbon molecules in temperatures between 270-300 centigrade.

We will stop blowing when we reached to exact result of softening point and penetration of blown bitumen 85/25 and now they are ready for packing in the good condition.

only the oxidized bitumen 85/25 that made from net VB is suitable for all industries uses.

Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 uses

This grade of our Oxidized Bitumen is using in most of related industries some of the are varnish, bitumen coating, waterproof membrane, bitumen roofing felts, asphalt sheets, asphalt paints, insulation and isolation industries, metal and pipe coating, all of the waterproof applications, road constructions, asphalt paving,  in automobile or car industries for coating most of part of the cars, for noise coating and many other industrial and chemical uses that we can mention all of them here but we mentioned some of main uses here for your reference.

Oxidized bitumen 85/25 how must use

As you know blown bitumen 85/25 has solid mode and for using it must turn to the melting mode so must heat it till 230 centigrade for better using for all purpose in due industries.

Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 Packing

We are packing blown bitumen 85/25 hottest time of producing in different bags like carton box, Kraft paper bags and Poly bags with weight of 25 kg.

Oxidized Bitumen 85/25 specification

TitleTest MethodSpecifications
Penetration @ 25 O CASTM D520 – 30
Flash Point, COC, OcASTM D92225 min
Ductility @ 25 oC, cm.ASTM D1133 min
Solubility in trichloroethylene%ASTM D499 min
Softening Point DEG CASTM D3680/90
Loss on Heating WT %ASTMD60.2MAx



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