Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25


Oxidized Bitumen 95/25

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 is not completely solid and more flexible than other kind of Blown Bitumen its completely producing by blowing hot air in reactors of Asia Bitumen factory to the pure vacuum bottom.

Blown bitumen 95/25 follow of its grade and special physical properties have special uses and applications in different industries.

Blown bitumen 95/25 must only made by pure vacuum bottom to have correct chemical and physical properties for using in industries without any problem.

Oxidized bitumen 95/25 uses

Blown bitumen 95/25 has different and various uses in different industries that have relation with petroleum products, coating, waterproofing and insulation and isolation industries it has uses in other industries like painting, Portland cement pavement, mastics and noise proofing and,…

Oxidized Bitumen 95/25 how must use

For starting to use the Blown Bitumen 95/25 you must heat it till 200 centigrade then it will turn to melt mode and can use in industries very easily for all application.

Oxidized bitumen 95/25 packing

Blown Bitumen 95/25 with various packing are available for our clients with materials of carton box, Kraft paper and poly bags with normal and standard weight of 25 kg with pallet our without pallet.

Oxidized bitumen 95/25 specifications

TitleTest MethodSpecifications
Penetration @ 25 O CASTM D520 – 30
Flash Point, COC, OcASTM D92200 min
Ductility @ 25 oC, cm.ASTM D1131 min
Solubility in trichloroethylene%ASTM D499 min
Softening Point DEG CASTM D3690/100
Loss on Heating WT %ASTMD60.2MAx


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