Bitumen 70/100

Bitumen 70/100

Bitumen 70/100 would be one of the main Petroleum Bitumen grades that is using widely in different Industries like Asphalt and Road paving and follow of these applications Asia Bitumen have big quantity production of this bitumen grade you can contact with us if you have any inquiry regarding this Bitumen grade.

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Bitumen 70/100 would be one of the standard types of penetration bitumen. Its penetration would be 70 to 100 and has good quality. The softening point of this Grade of bitumen is set at 43 to 51 degrees Celsius.

Bitumen 70/100 Application

This Grade of Bitumen is used in the asphalt coating of roads and in the insulation of buildings and…

Bitumen 70/100 Specification

Bitumen 70/100 is hydrocarbon bitumen. The color of this bitumen is dark brown to black. Carbon Sulfide and Carbon tetrachloride are solvents of this type of bitumen. They are completely soluble in these compounds. Bitumen 70/100 is usually solid, but as the temperature rises; it will become to paste form and then a liquid.

One of the properties of bitumen 70/100 is that it is impermeable to water, so it is used as insulation against moisture.

Bitumen 70/100 loses weight at high temperatures due to the evaporation of some oils and petroleum compounds. its Weight loss was measured at 163 °C for 5 hours.

Bitumen 70/100 Packing

Jumbo Bag Method

In this type of packaging method, it would be a two-layer bag with a sack outer layer and nylon inner

Layer. This type of packaging is used to transport bitumen 70/100 for export.

 Drum Packing Method

This bitumen packing method is also used to transport bitumen 100/70 for export and the carrying capacity of any type of freight would be as follows:
1. Number of Drums per floor – 90 Drums with pallets and about 115 Drums without pallets.
2. Number of Drums in each 20-foot container: 80 Drums with pallets and 110 Drums without pallets.
3. Number of Drums in each 40-foot container: 137 Drums with pallets and 150 Drums without pallets.

Packing by Poly Bag Method:

Another widely used packing method to carry bitumen 100/70 would be the Polybag method, this product has a bag whose outer layer is made of sack and polypropylene and the inner layer is made of Nano nylon. It has a high resistance to heat; it is very light and easy to carry.

Asia Bitumen factory would be one of the major suppliers and exporters of bitumen 100/70 in the middle east, Which has gained its rank and position in this field and has the ability to sell its Bitumen as soon as possible with the best quality, competitive prices, and with proper packaging according to the type of bitumen.


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