Bitumen VG 30 uses are in mainly bituminous products you can read all of these uses here

There are different types of bitumen VG 30 production Methods depending on the type of crude oil that is refined in oil refineries, and to know what type of bitumen and what characteristics and what specifications for which area and in what kind of weather and climate conditions, it is used to produce asphalt it is very important because asphalt is one of the necessary and important means used in road construction projects to cover roads and highways and due to the high traffic of trucks and trailers carrying heavy loads On the roads.

Taking into account the problem of resistance, durability, stability, and longevity of asphalt against cold and heat; The use and consumption of high-quality bitumen for the preparation of asphalt is of considerable importance, for this reason, experts, researchers, and engineers have conducted laboratory and practical research on the properties and quality of all types of bitumen, as described below:

1- Cohesiveness – that is, testing the stretchability of bitumen against cold.

2- Degree of ignition, when bitumen is heated so much that it emits gases, and in this case, a flame sticks close to it – that is, testing the stretchability of bitumen against cold.

3- Let’s make that bitumen catch fire and become a flame.

4- – bitumen adhesion (that is, any bitumen sample size has higher elasticity and malleability; that bitumen has more adhesion).5- bitumen ductility test (bitumen plasticity) In this test, we pull a sample of approximately one square centimeter at a speed of 5 cm per minute.

6- Durability (viscoelastic property of asphalt mixture).

7- Field tests of tests that are performed outside the laboratory.

8- Being impervious to water and moisture.

9- Resistance against acids, bases, and salt.

10- Marshall’s test (finding the relationship between density and bitumen percentage), which is explained in detail in the ASTMD 1559 standard.11- Thin film oven test to determine the amount of weight loss of bituminous materials and the change of bitumen characteristics due to air and heat.

According to the results of the above tests, it can be concluded that the viscosity bitumen, which is a standard grade, is the bitumen VG type, especially the bitumen VG 30, which has the properties of permeability, softness, flexibility, and good adhesion with the materials used, as well as resistance to cold and water infiltration; Bitumen is very suitable for preparing asphalt and using it in areas with moderate climates.

In general, bitumen VG 30 is a good bitumen for use in road construction projects such as roads and highways, which always have a heavy traffic load due to the traffic of trucks and trailers, which mainly carry very heavy loads, and also in construction projects for insulation of kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and insulation rooftops and undergrounds of buildings.

Bitumen VG 30 is very suitable for preventing moisture in waterproofing membrane factories for producing waterproofing membranes, and this bitumen has the properties of a good alternative to bitumen 60/70 and can be used instead in road construction projects.