What is bitumen VG 30 type this is a type of viscosity bitumen that is produced in the refinery by blowing hot air into the vacuum bottom in the distillation tower, and according to the viscosity test, four types of bitumen VG grades (10, 20, 30, and 40) are producing, and bitumen VG 30 is one of these products that is Produced by the VISCOSITY GRADES method.

Bitumen VG 30 has a higher viscosity than VG 10 and VG 20 bitumen VG 30 is used for the construction of highways and roads that have a very heavy volume of traffic, and due to its very good penetration degree, it has a significant consumption in insulation work and construction projects, and also It is used to produce liquid bitumen.

This product has a high degree of penetration and viscosity, and according to the geographical conditions of the weather, this grade of bitumen is very suitable for use in hot, saturated, and rainy areas. bitumen VG 30 is a very good alternative to bitumen 60/70 with its penetration degree and reasonable price.

What is bitumen VG 30 means?

The number 30 in this grade of Viscosity bitumen means that the range of viscosity is 30 in terms of poise, and for bitumen VG 30, the minimum viscosity at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius is calculated as follows the minimum viscosity is equal to 30×80=2400 in terms of poise and the maximum viscosity value is 30×120=3600 in terms of poise. bitumen VG 30 is similar to bitumen AC 30.

Bitumen VG 30 has a very high consumption in India. It should be noted that bitumen AC 30 has a high consumption in the United States.