What is Bitumen 60/70 Means

Bitumen 60/70 is a semi-solid material with high viscosity and has a black or brown color. it is one of the pure bitumen that is produced directly in the distillation tower through the vacuum method and during the aeration process. The meaning of the number 60/70 in this type of bitumen is its Penetration and is used to determine the hardness of the bitumen.

The bitumen 60/70 penetration test is done in the laboratory of Asia Bitumen Factory, where a standard needle attached to a 100-gram weight penetrates into the bitumen in 5 seconds at a temperature of 25 degrees of Celsius and The amount of this penetration should be between 60 and 70 tenths of mm.

Pure bitumen 60/70 produced by Asia Bitumen Factory is used for applications such as hot asphalt, asphalt concrete, landscaping of parking lots, and Waterproofing roofing felts.

In order to produce hot asphalt with bitumen 60/70, the temperature of the asphalt mixer for continuous granulation should be between 120 and 163 degrees of Celsius, and for open granulation between 105 and 127 degrees of Celsius.

Hot asphalt refers to asphalt that is hot mixed with bitumen and spread and condensed on the surface and For the production of hot asphalt in road construction projects, pure bitumen 60/70 and stone with pure granulation are needed and the standard amount of mixing bitumen with each ton of asphalt is 50 kg per 1000 kg of asphalt.

What is Bitumen 60/70 Quality

Bitumen 60/70 quality would b very important for asphalt if the quality would be OK the Asphalt companies must mix more than 50 kg of bitumen in each ton of their Asphalt so it means that in this way it would not be economy for them only if they mix bitumen with the standard amount so it would be economy for them and follow of big inflation in the world in these recent years after Corona epidemic and Ukrain war all industries worries are about the Costs and final price their products and Asphalt factories and road constructions factory and waterproofing sheet rolls factory and all factories are using Bitumen 60/70 for their products are worry about this item now so we mentioned all of these details here to say that if the quality of bitumen 60/70 doesn’t be good they must use more than normal consumption amount in their products and it will increase the final price of their products.

One of the important items that will show the client whether the Bitumen 60/70 quality is OK or not would be the SPOT TEST of Bitumen for standard bitumen 60/70 the SPOT TEST result must be Negative if the spot test result is positive the quality of the bitumen 60/70 would not be good and the manufacturers of Asphalt and bituminous products will lose the market because their quality and final price of their products would not be competitive in their market place.

Standard Bitumen 60/70 Spot test result would be always Negative because we are producing bitumen 60/70 from VB (Vacuum Bottom) but Iraq’s Bitumen Spot test result always would be Positive because they don’t have VB in their country and they must produce Bitumen 60/70 from VR and follow of this the Iraq Bitumen 60/70 test result would be always positive and sure it has low quality also and the manufacturer of the Bituminous product after using the Iraq bitumen in their product will understand this matter.