What Is Suitable Bitumen For Different Environment Temperatures?

What type of Bitumen Suitable for each Climate in table below shows the grade of bitumen that must use in asphalt or hot asphalt concretes and also the consumption limit of each of the mentioned bitumen according to the location and weather conditions of the region.

Bitumen 60/70 would be suitable for consumption in most parts of the country with a temperate and warm climate, Bitumen 85/100 would be suitable for consumption in cold (northwestern) provinces of the country, especially in the high mountains of these areas, and bitumen 40/50 would be Suitable in Tropical (hot) such as the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman.

 Atmospheric  Bitumen penetration 

Average annual temperature 
 Light and medium traffic  heavy traffic  
Cold weather less than 7 degrees120-15085-100
Warm air between 7 and 24 degrees85-10060-70
Very hot weather over 24 ° C60-7040-50

The main reason that all of types of the bitumen penetration is testing is that this test result will say how soft this bitumen is and in generally the soft bitumen or types of bitumen that have more penetration is better for cold climate and the types of bitumen that have lower penetration are harder and is better for hot climate and between them would be suitable for normal climate.

All of the Bitumen factories and asphalt factories has laboratory for testing different items of bitumen that they want producing or using their road constructions and the penetration test would be one of the important test items that must be done at 25 c in laboratory environment.