Bitumen VG 30

Bitumen VG 30

Bitumen VG 30 would be a type of viscosity bitumen that is producing by Asia Bitumen company for Domestic and foreign export sales for more details please contact with Asia Bitumen sales team.

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Bitumen VG 3o would be one of the standard types of refinery bitumen that is produced through Vacuum Bottom aeration.

Bitumen VG 30 Application

Bitumen VG30 is mostly used in road construction, building insulation, and construction of sidewalks that bear heavy traffic loads, as well as the production of liquid bitumen.

Bitumen VG 30 Under what conditions will lose its performance and properties?

If exposed to high heat, it will turn into charcoal with ignition.

Contact of bitumen VG30 with bitumen solvents (carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride) should be avoided.

In humid and dusty environments, it will lose its most important property, which is adhesion.

In case of contact with lime, it decomposes and as a result, loses its properties.

Bitumen VG 30 Packing

Jumbo bag method:

In this type of packaging method, it is a two-layer bag with a sack outer layer and nylon inner

Layer. This type of packaging is used to transport bitumen VG30 for export.

Drum packing method:

This bitumen packing method is also used to transport bitumen VG30 for export and the carrying capacity of any type of freight would be as follows:
1. Number of Drums per floor – 90 Drums with pallets and about 115 Drums without pallets.
2. Number of Drums in each 20-foot container: 80 Drums with pallets and 110 Drums without pallets.
3. Number of Drums in each 40-foot container: 137 Drums with pallets and 150 Drums without pallets.

Packing by poly bag method:

Another widely used packing method to carry bitumen VG30 would be the Polybag method, this product has a bag whose outer layer is made of sack and polypropylene and the inner layer is made of Nano nylon. It has a high resistance to heat; it is very light and easy to carry.

Asia Bitumen factory would be one of the major suppliers and exporters of bitumen VG30 in the middle east, Which has gained its rank and position in this field and has the ability to sell its Bitumen as soon as possible with the best quality, competitive prices, and with proper packaging according to the type of bitumen.


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